FX Portfolio Management

The success of portfolio management is largely depends on such qualities as: commitment, consistency, analytical thinking, self-discipline, ambition, composure. But in addition to these personal and professional qualities, investor earnings are also dependent on his or her choice of portfolio size and risk profile. Our company is continuously moving forward, as we have traditionally emphasized the quality of our services.

IBR-Global Markets Ltd is exclusively focused on providing a suite of FX portfolio management solutions to the valued individual as well as institutional investors. Our firm believes in identifying and delivering your financial goals through our devoted and customized financial solutions.

Our in-depth knowledge, innovative and world class process are sourced to objective, passion and ethical management standards. We want to emphasize that regardless of the type of portfolio, our firm will always be complying with the basic principles of successful dealings. Our portfolio management solutions include the following:

Note: Expected Return (ROI) is subject to current market volatility.

We are proud to offer several managed accounts programs under our domain: www.ibrglobalmarkets.com, designed for investors looking to diversify their portfolio.
Managed Accounts is a type of investment where the owner of account grants permission to the experienced traders to trade from his or her account to earn profit. The trader trading from the owners account is the manager of the owners account. Manager has permission to trade in the Managed Account on behalf of the owner. The permissions of the trader are limited to trading only and he cannot deposit any extra fund to the account or withdraw from it to his or her own account.

IBR-Global Markets Ltd does not keep any facts hidden because we want you to be aware about what is going in the Market. Our team prefers low risk trading on all the Managed Accounts because we believe that the better option is to trade wisely and earn slowly. Funds remain liquid at all times, and our clients have the convenience to add or withdraw funds at any time.

  • We are a boutique investment management company specializing in ‘discretionary macro’ strategies
  • We manage two strategies; discretionary macro FX only and discretionary macro multi-asset
  • We manage mutual funds with the majority in ‘FX only’
  • We have over 10 years of combined investment & trading experience
  • We have external partners that help comprise our investment and management process
  • Our ‘FX only’ strategy is currently available in managed account format.
  • All our partners have their own capital invested in the macro strategies
  • We follow a simple and focused macro strategy
  • We analyse fundamental macro-economic trends, aiming to identify investable opportunities
  • We augment our fundamental research with technical analysis, both as a confirming input and to time our entry and exit strategies
  • Trade implantation is very simple. We invest in vanilla option strategies (puts, calls and spreads) with bounded risk, or we trade in the cash market utilising defined stop losses
  • We typically have two/three themes implemented via a relatively small number of trades
  • We actively manage the overall portfolio to keep it fresh, keep the P&L ticking over and manage risk
  • We trade G10 and selected Emerging Markets
  • Our process is simple and our portfolio is extremely liquid
  1. 100% transparent. The management has no access to client funds.
  2. Managed Account can be monitored 24/7.
  3. Strict money management rules.
  4. Client can access his account and status reports at any time.
  5. No fund pools. Managed Funds held in individual client accounts unlike any other managed funds.
  6. Capital protection built into investment.
  7. Diversification benefits – perfect addition to a traditional portfolio.

We have a very simple objective: To Maximize Capital Growth Whilst Managing Risks.

“Using a managed investment account will save you time, effort and give you peace of mind”




Investment Profile:

short/medium term

Investment Profile:

short/medium term

Investment Profile:

 short/medium term

Low Drawdown:

10% Maximum

Balanced Drawdown:

20% Maximum

Aggressive Drawdown:

30% Maximum







ROI Target:


ROI Target:


ROI Target:


  • Our FX Strategy has an excellent track record delivering returns of 8% -35% per month compound over the last three months.
  • Risk adjusted returns are very strong and with low correlation to other assets and managers
  • We believe in keeping everything simple which we believe is a strength in a complex market
  • Our Portfolio managers have over 10 years of investment & trading experience. They work extremely closely on both idea generation and trade implementation
  • The fund will offer daily liquidity in the most liquid of global markets
  • The Trading strategy is simple and transparent using only long optionality and cash to reflect investment themes and trades
  • Risk Management and Capital Preservation are the focus with monthly losses capped as stated on our strategic comparison table.
  • Communication of macro themes is crucial. The PM’s are always available to clients and ideas are articulated in a weekly macro bulletin and via the financial press
  1. Our FX strategy can be seen as a real portfolio diversifier at a time when correlations are rising between bonds and equities.
  2. Bonds are unlikely to produce much more than coupon returns in the next cycle, let’s say ~2 to 3% per annum
  3. Liquidity in bond markets is deteriorating whereas our FX strategy is extremely liquid
  4. Significant global imbalances remain today and FX changes will in time be a rebalancing mechanism
  5. Central banks are increasingly focusing on FX as a policy tool. Currency wars should help macro FX strategies
  6. The returns from our FX strategy compare very favorably to our peer group and to bond markets over the last three years

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Note: For investment(s) up to $1,000,000.00 and above which falls under the First Class Portfolio Management (FCPM), kindly contact us for special offer on the management fee and risk profile. For more information on investments, send us a mail: investments@ibrglobalmarkets.com