IBR-Global Markets Ltd is the partner of excellence to start or expand your business.IBR-Global Markets Ltd actively collaborates with you and adapts its products and services to your prospects, in order to establish a fruitful long-term collaboration.

Collaborating with IBR-Global Markets Ltd means to have alongside a reliable partner, caring and confidential that will allow you to focus on your business in complete tranquillity.

Financial Advisors

IBR-Global Markets Ltd is structured to offer interesting opportunities for financial advisors, or simply those who want to offer their customers the opportunity to invest in the financial markets with someone who has the client's best interest in mind

IBR-Global Markets Ltd offers the opportunity to complete the asset allocation of customers through transparent investments with diversified strategy and risk appetite. If you are interested in promoting innovative services, get in touch with our reality may offer you interesting opportunities.

Through a period of training at our office or through meetings organized on the spot, you will have soon the knowledge to propose our investment services. You will have the opportunity to build a commercial structure and commissions directly related to the performance of your products.

External Managers

If you are an independent manager and want to provide your clients with the most complete and cutting-edge services, IBR-Global Markets Ltd offers you, in addition to the backing from a solid structure, a true long-term partnership based on mutual confidence.

In addition to depositary and administration services, we can assist you in most wealth management areas. In conducting your business on a daily basis, you can count on our investment and asset allocation advice, as well as on our execution services. You will also have access to our financial research through our platform, an advantage that will allow you to expand your investment outlook on behalf of your clients.

In the economic and regulatory environment that we operate in, it is essential to have reliable partners at your side to meet the challenges to come. So it is in our own interest to unlock synergies in order to continue serving our clients in the most suited way possible.



Quite simple – we give you complete knowledge of how we bring smiles to our customers. You spread the word and we’ll pay you for life. You can get up to 40% of the post-tax profits on the revenues generated by each of the customers you bring in. It’s almost sweat equity.

Who is it for?

You, if you have knowledge and experience in our lines of business and have the investment potential required to generate business for us. If you think you’d be able to by making a few high-pressure sales pitch videos and slick looking landing pages, we’d like to inform you otherwise. We’re not the digital product that affiliate marketers gush over. There’s a significant opportunity for profiting, as well as significant risk and compliance requirements as well.


All over the world – but firstly where we have support services, but we’re not restrictive. So long as the laws of the land allow for our signals and services to be delivered, it is a geography we’d be interested in. Furthermore, if you can make it worth our while, we’ll also provide niche services to the customers you bring in, from support to even tailored products and services.


Right after we verify your candidature and you pass the interviews and background checks.


You make an application online here, along with a resume and a brief explanation about why you want to become IBR-Global Markets Ltd partner. The reason we ask this is because our subscriptions are pretty niche and require a lot of explanation and answering of questions on the fly. All of our training may not prepare you for the torrent of questions from prospective customers. So we tend to prefer those with a strong background in investment, investment advisory, brokerage and similar lines of business. 

Once your resume is shortlisted, we’ll conduct a couple of interviews, one with one of our senior service delivery managers, followed by a top-management interview. If you get their recommendation, you get your partner kit which comprises the following:

  • Corporate membership as a partner – this includes ‘p-‘ email id, a      customized microsite, and access to our cloud-based tools
  • Marketing tools – customizable brochures, flyers, emailers, slide-decks, and other printable material that you can use
  • Digital assets to help you set up your own website, social media presence etc.
  • Dedicated support – partners have a dedicated support team for themselves to get answers quickly and efficiently. Since the importance is timeliness, we also extend support via instant messenger on Google Talk, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Windows Live.



As a Business Associate, you would be a part of a fantastic growth story of this highest growing sector in our Financial Advisory segment – Financial Advisory Business 

  1. Understand the products profile and KRAs of the advisory business
  2. Refer a list of clients who trade in Equity, commodity, currency market and could take our advisory services
  3. Be in constant touch with your Relationship manager for an update on the clients you have referred.
  4. Attend period training session on Effective Business communication by IBR-Global Markets Ltd Training Team.

Serial Entrepreneurs who wish to make it big in life and be a part of a multi-billion dollar Advisory business: 

  • Mutual Fund Advisor
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Sub Broker
  • Main Brokers
  • Dealer/ Relationship manager of a broking company
  • Portfolio Advisors
  • Financial Planners
  • Students
  • CA, CS, Lawyer
  • Post office agent
  • Employees of a Financial Advisory company.

Or anybody who wishes to be a part of our business Associate program and has a good client base who trades in the markets

Feel free to contact us for Further Details

  1. Any individual/corporate who wishes to be our Business Associate has to fill up the Business Associate inquiry form (upon request)
  2. BA acquisition team will give a verification call for further formalities
  3. BA interview by the Head of BA sales, if approved
  4. He would have to send complete formalities with duly filled and signed BA form
  5. He would be allotted a BA code along with an online BA registration certificate and forwarded for an online training module on products and services
  6. The BA would be submitting a list of his prospective clients to us via his CRM software and required format
  7. He would then be coordinating with the BA sales manager for his client conversion and other queries


At IBR-Global Markets Ltd we believe in growing together and a team work growth model, we believe eligibility is not in papers but in thoughts and willingness and wish to partner with all those hardworking channel partners who seriously wish and want to make it big in life.


  • Mutual Fund Advisor
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Sub Broker
  • Main Brokers
  • Dealer/ Relationship manager of a broking company
  • Portfolio Advisors
  • Financial Planners
  • Students
  • CA, CS, Lawyer
  • Post office agent

or anybody who wishes to be a part of our Business Associate program and has a good client base who trades in the markets


  1. Minimum qualification 12th standard or equivalent examination from an institution recognized by the government for an individual/partners/directors.
  2. An individual person or firm ‘ fit and sound’ for an agreement
  3. Applicant must be above 18 years.
  4. Applicant must be having a strong network of traders, so that they can earn handsome amount.
  5. Applicant will have capability to utilize their Goodwill.
  6. It has not been adjudged bankrupt or a receiver order in bankruptcy has been made against him or he has been proved to be insolvent even though he has obtained his final discharge.
  7. It has compounded with his creditors for less than full discharge of debts.
  8. It has not been convicted of an offence involving a fraud or dishonesty.
  9. Having sound relation with clients.


  1. Business Associate application form with 2 photographs
  2. Business Associate Agreement printed on A4 Paper. (Send 2 original copies).
  3. Undertaking on Letter Head.
  4. Address proof.
  5. Educational qualification mark sheet photo copy.

Feel free to contact us at:


The rewards are as great as the risks – if not greater. The rates are applicable for the entire duration that the customer remains subscribed with us

Monthly Gross SALES Post Tax

Up to $15,000
US$15,000 - $30,000
US$30,000 - $70,000
US$70,000 – US$250,000
US$250,000 – US$500,000
US$500,000 and above

Incentive Slab Post Tax

8.50% post-tax profit
10.20% Post-tax profit
13.90% Post-tax profit
16.30% Post-tax profit
21.40% Post-tax profit
25.20% Post-tax profit