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Financial Planning

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The future is not static, so our process is designed to adapt to shifting markets as well as your evolving goals. Our goal is to understand and protect your assets, your future interests and your legacy. We start every engagement with discovery – understanding you and your needs, evaluating your risk tolerance, and then working with our Investment Strategy Group (ISG) to implement your plan within our universe of approved managers and asset classes.

Comprehensive Investment Management

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Align all aspects of your financial life around your personal goals and values. Maintain balance and proactively address the complicated issues that come with having wealth.

Tailored to Fit Your Life

At IBR-Global Markets Ltd, we strive to make every financial plan and investment strategy customized – because every conversation begins with you and the future you’re building for.

Teams Built Around Your Unique Needs

You work with an entire team dedicated to assisting you with investment management, cash flow and financial planning.

Our Investment Strategy Group (ISG) is composed of our portfolio managers and investment professionals with many years of combined experience. Having a dedicated, in-house investment team means we can adjust to market changes swiftly and ensure that our firm’s strategy is always aligned with our clients’ individual investment needs. Investment Strategy Group (ISG) meets weekly to Develop, Determine, Set, and Research.


Develop macro-economic analysis and assess impact on portfolios


Determine strategic asset allocation parameters

·   SET

Set tactical asset allocation guidelines


Research, select, and monitor a list of qualified money managers

The wealth of our knowledge – at your fingertips. Keep your finger on the pulse of the market with our quarterly webcasts, whitepapers, and Investment Strategy Group market outlook.
Our team of analysts brings their years of combined experience to bear on creating unique investment strategies for our clients. With specialists in FX, large cap equities, small & mid cap equities, bonds, alternatives, and more, our expertise is as diverse as our offerings.