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  1. We have an optimized and effective business model with a high factor of sustainability in various market conditions.
  2. Our team have extensive knowledge and a great deal of expertise in Forex and CFD markets, in trading business.
  3. We have an extensive range of internal policies and procedures to ensure high standards in relation to our business processes and staff activity.
  4. We pay close attention to the security of our investors’ data, funds, trading activity and monetary transactions.           
  5. We use and comply with the highest standards of security in both financial and IT industries.
  6. We have an extremely good risk management policy based on many years of work and in-depth knowledge of the markets.
  7. Investors’ funds are held segregated from the company’s money. Our cash flows are organized in such a way that company expenditure cannot even be processed from accounts with investors’ money (we do not have access to withdraw clients funds).
  8. The risks are tightly controlled in order to comply with our risk management policy.
  9. We do not provide our investors’ with services that can result in a conflict of interests.     
  10. We offer only reasonable partnership commissions that are fully covered by our own money.
  11. We provide our investors with different leverage levels that are reasonable and which we can cover for different accounts, account balances and trading instruments.
  12. We provide maximum transparency and security when it comes to our investors’ activities and our own activities.
  13. We encourages and widely practices the highest international standards of safety and security. And last but not the least; we believe that only a fair and decent relationship with investors’, partners and other parties can result in a long-lasting and profitable business. We utilize this approach in all our policies, procedures and day-to-day activities.

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