Corporate Philosophy

Maintaining good business practices that respect ethical standards is a key part of our philosophy. We base our service concept on four core principles:

  1. Offering the most competitive, straightforward and simple investments to our investors.
  2. Operating with full transparency in everything we do, from the way in which we present our company to potential investors to our mode of operation.
  3. Keeping consistent profit for investors, thereby increasing the investment ROI as market situation arises.
  4. Calling only those investors that request to be called. By using skillful marketing strategies, we know how to approach prospective investors while always respecting their rights to privacy. 

Innovation, Flexibility, and Excellence: these are the prevailing principles that underlay the framework for IBR-Global Markets Ltd philosophy. With a commitment to these values, IBR-Global Markets Ltd has emerged as a pioneering firm in the industry offering exceptional solutions for investors.

Philosophy of Transparency

Here at IBR-Global Markets Ltd, we have nothing to hide for our investors:

  1.  Transparent Investment Feed

IBR-Global Markets Ltd combines both small and large investments of all investors in one place, providing one transparent investment feed for everyone without exception. All IBR-Global Markets Ltd clients get the same investment feed regardless of account size or trading strategy.

  1.  Transparent Historical Data

Historical Data Transparency is an essential point for strategy development. IBR-Global Markets Ltd provides the true historical data feed for a strategy development and back-test, with access to additional confirmation by investors. Such historical data guarantees a high accuracy of a back-test and excludes any possibility for strategy manipulation by IBR-Global Markets Ltd.   

  1.  Transparent Liquidity

Transparency in regards to market-liquidity is indeed. An essential feature for any serious market participant as it shows clearly, whether the sufficient volume of investors liquidity is available at the moment.      

  1.  Transparent choice of Brokers

IBR-Global Markets Ltd clients’ can benefit from full and transparent choices of brokers. With numerous values which allows for flexibility regarding their mode of operations. Under this investment solution, the clients can invest directly with IBR-Global Markets Ltd & Marketplace while keeping their capital safely with the broker of their choice.   

  1.  Transparency in regards to externally managed accounts

IBR-Global Markets Ltd maintains a full transparency and a comfortable level of control when client issuing a mandate to us. View mode access to the account through client’s broker assures that all transactions and performances of IBR-Global Markets Ltd can be followed in real time.

Additional protection is guaranteed by immediate account deactivation capability for the managed clients.           

  1.  Transparent Instant Reporting

IBR-Global Markets Ltd provides a real time access to balance, equity, P&L and trading-power information, as well as back office features for generation of full account statements and reporting. Required information is easily available online at any time allowing the reports generation within a specified date-range.