Overall Monthly Revenue Analysis for year 2021.


“Balance” includes deposit, withdrawals and results from closed positions. It does not include trading results and swaps from positions that are still open. Clients must be aware that balance shown in MT4 platform can be misleading. They are not binding values, as the exclusion of open P&L can lead to strong distortions. Particularly in cases with large open exposures, positions with important gains/losses and if hedged positions are held for an extended time-period, the balance can differ substantially from the real account value. Only when all positions are closed and settled does balance fully correspond to the account value shown in reports.

“Equity” corresponds closely to the account value shown in reports; it is used to calculate the account’s margin level in % in the platform and to follow the accounts true value. Within the current trading day it may diverge from the account value seen in reports, this is due to the particular calculation methods that are applied in MT4 systems, any such difference is eliminated at the end of day settlement.