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IBR-Global Markets Ltd sets transparency standards in the forex market.We’re one of the first FX portfolio managers to perform and publish audited financial reports.

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“Every client and partner of IBR-Global Markets Ltd should have access to factual information about the company’s financial indicators. When we announce our leading victory in the industry, we back it up with figures confirmed by independent experts.”

OYENIYI O. Ibrahim,
[ CEO ]

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For more information on our financial reports,kindly send a mail to : , or call +234 (0) 700 IBRGLOBAL [427 456 225]

How trust is built


Nothing to hide – Our statistics and numbers are open for global viewing.


Client transaction records say a lot about a company’s funding, which is why we always publish ours.

third-party verification

We’re one of the first FX Portfolio Managers to perform and publish audit reports.

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