e-Tracking (24 Hrs Facility)

We make it easy to see the status of  your activities when you track. Because we assign an identification  number to each event, you'll know about your activities progress seamlessly through our system.

The tool  gives you an event  updates in just one click. A tool built for speed, simplicity and convenience. You don't have to log in to find out the status of your events with us.

What You Can Track:

  1. Appointment Booking
  2. Employment Application
  3. Seminar Registration
  4. Client & Partner Registration
  5. Document(s) Submission
  6. Transaction
  7. Card Verification
  8. Investment Suitability Questionnaire
  9. Client & Partner Relations Officer
  10. Issue Report

Key Benefits:

  1. Track in near real time without logging in
  2. See all your activities on one clear interface
  3. Track from anywhere at any time
  4. Follow your activities in just one tap
  5. No customer relations needed to know your status
  6. Confidentiality process in place (Password Protected)
  7. An easy way to track with barcode scanning