We strive to provide each visitor we serve with our full attention and to create a schedule that can accommodate you as efficiently as possible. When we make an appointment with you, it is a two-way commitment. Thank you for letting us know in advance if you can’t make it, so we can offer your time slot to someone else. A service representative will be in touch with you to confirm your appointment correspondence before your appointment approval.
Kindly click on the button below to choose on any of the available dates and click on the preferred time for your appointment schedule.

Making an Appointment

• Follow the above procedures to schedule an appointment.
• Same-day appointments are available for urgent needs, provided that you booked ahead at least two hours before opening or closing.
• We do not accommodate walk-in visitors but do our best to schedule visitors as soon as possible.
• We’re happy to schedule appointments back-to-back for your convenience.

No Shows and Late Arrivals

• Please call ahead if you are running late. We will do our best to accommodate you, but will likely have to reschedule your appointment after 15 min ahead of the time.
• Visitors who arrive on time will be seen ahead of those who arrive late. We may also have to abbreviate or reschedule appointments for those who arrive late.
• If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide us with at least 4 hours notice. No shows and cancellations cause a significant financial burden on our business and limit access for other patients.

Policy Violations

We take the following action if you do not show up for an appointment or cancel an appointment without giving us 4 hours advance notice:
• 1st Occurrence – No charge, a reminder letter of our policy will be sent
• 2nd Occurrence – $25 charge for an ordinary visit, $50 charge for consultation visits
• 3rd Occurrence – Charges as above, and a warning letter notifying you of dismissal if there is another no show or late cancellation
• 4th Occurrence – Charges as above; dismissal from practice

Thank you for understanding the value of our cancellation policy so we can provide the best service to all of our visitors.