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Online Staff Identity Verification

IBR-Global Markets Ltd is aware that its name and that of its employees, officers, directors and shareholders may be used to validate a range of different forms of fraudulent activities, perpetrated against innocent third parties. Identity theft element of those scam can include fraudulent emails, copies of our website and the creation of a false telephone switch-board.

Whilst IBR-Global Markets Ltd can take not responsibility for losses arising from such sites, emails or documents, we are dedicated to the task of playing our part in reducing identity theft and fraud. In addition, we have secured an online facility for Identity Verification which enables swift confirmation of anyone purporting to be our employee, officer or director.

Photo Verification

Verify the true photo identity of any of our staff. This will enable a strong confirmation of the true identity of the staff.

Contact Verification

Verify the official contact details of our staff before any necessary proceedings (e.g Staff Email, Staff Phone, Staff Location etc).

Status Verification

Verify the true employment status of the staff. (e.g Employment Status, Employment Type, Department/Unit, Remote Status, etc).

In line with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) directive on prohibition of dealing in Crypto Currencies and facilitating payments for Crypto Currencies Exchange, you are hereby notified that in compliance to this directive, our platforms use does not support the buying and selling (Trading/or Exchange) of Crypto Currencies. By reference to Section 24.1. of our "Services Agreement", any account in violation of this directive will be closed.
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