Our company has implemented a compliance regime, as laws require from financial institutions, including appointment of a compliance officer, preparation of policies and procedures, periodic review of their effectiveness, and ongoing compliance training of our staff.

We are committed to regularly update our electronic system for inspection of suspicious transactions and for verification of client records, in accordance with any new regulations as they are promulgated, as well as providing training for our employees on enhancements to anti-money laundering procedures that may be required by new regulations.

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Our Support Team

Responsible for answering customer enquiries and passing them on to the appropriate department / unit.

  • Email: support@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for making sales, growing of business and retaining existing customers.

  • Email: sales@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for identifying opportunities and develop relationships with Institutional investors and investment consultants in assigned institutional market channels.

  • Email: institutional@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for Planing, organizing, controlling and evaluating IT and electronic data operations.

  • Email: it@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing,handling employee relations, training and placing workers.

  • Email: HR@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for accurate and timely counsel to executives and personnels in a variety of legal issues,specifying internal governance policies and regularly monitor compliance.

  • Email: legal@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for all marketing strategies and activities within the company. Oversees the marketing unit and provides direction and feedback on major projects.

  • Email: marketing@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for corresponding with customers / brokers and confer with coworkers to answer inquiries, discuss market fluctuations, resolve account problems.

  • Email: brokerage@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for developing compliance programs, reviewing company policies, and advising management on possible risks.

  • Email: compliance@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for the research and pursue opportunities for collaboration with external groups, organizations etc.

  • Email: partners@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for performing foreign exchange inward and outward operations.

  • Email: xchange@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for advising clients in the futures market, delegates trade execution and back office operations to others.

  • Email: ib@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for Developing Press Release campaigns and media relations strategies.

  • Email: pr@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols and overseeing the development of new products.

  • Email: research@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for recording and reporting the cash flows, both in and out.

  • Email: finance@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for clients/partners registration,transaction management,clearances, record maintenance.

  • Email: backoffice@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for bookings and settlements of all trades,account maintenance in accordance with policy and procedures,generate sales reports to trading and relevant analysts.

  • Email: dealings@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

Responsible for Liaising with superior to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals. Planning and monitoring the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress. Supervising staff from different departments/units and provide constructive feedback.

  • Email: operations@ibrglobalmarkets.com
  • Working Hours: 24/5

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IBR-Global Markets Ltd will endeavor to execute instructions received only during regular office business opening hours and within reasonable delays and shall have no liability associated with delays related to late reception of instructions received outside opening office hours. IBR-Global Markets Ltd shall have no liability for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses, including attorney fees, to any client or any person arising from such delays.

Note: We may record telephone calls and retain copies of electronic communications for legally permitted purposes, including to ensure we meet our service standards and our regulatory obligations. More information on our recording of calls can be found here.